As follows are a number of various questions I receive a consistent basis, along with the answers to those questions.  If you have additional questions not answered below, please visit the contact page to get in touch with me.

Q: What is a Home Watch service?

A: A Home Watch service is designed to put your mind at ease while you are away from your home. With regularly scheduled visits by Big Hickory Home Watch, your home is never left unattended. As a professional, I will be looking for any irregularities that could become potential problems. I have an in-depth checklist that I perform during every Home Watch visit. The check list covers not only the interior of your house, but the exterior as well. I can also customize a Home Watch plan that will specifically meet your individual needs.

Q: Why do I need a Home Watch service?

A: A seasonal home simply can not be left unattended. The unexpected will happen in your absence: break-ins, vandalism, pest/rodent infestation, water leaks, mold, electrical problems, A/C breaks, and storms, to name a few. Measures such as storm preparation and continuous visual observations of the interior and exterior of your home will assist in detecting many situations from becoming expensive disasters. Having Big Hickory Home Watch, who is trained and educated in Home Watch services, will serve you better in the long run than a well minded relative, neighbor, landscaper, or handyman.

Q: What happens if an irregularity is observed during a Home Watch visit?

A: If I observe an irregularity while performing a Home Watch visit at your home, you will be notified so the problem can be dealt with. I have the skills to detect damage in the early stages and the resources to remedy any situation that may arise.

Q: Does Big Hickory Home Watch make repairs?

A: No. I will inform you of what I observed. At your request, I can recommend a trusted professional who has the expertise in the area you’re having an issue with. We can also coordinate and schedule a professional to come out and fix your problem. For example, if a pipe bursts I can recommend a number of professional plumbers. At your request, I can let the vendor into your place to make the repairs and then come back and lock up. Or if you desire, I can stay in your house for the duration it takes the vendor to make the necessary repairs.

Q: Who will be inside our home during the Home Watch visit?

A: I, Kevin Forrestal, am the single owner and operator of Big Hickory Home Watch. I perform all the Home Watch visits myself. In the event of an emergency and I am not able to perform the Home Watch visit you will be notified. I have access to the resources of a trusted and trained Home Watch professional to perform the Home Watch visit. Other than an unexpected emergency, I will be the sole person in your home.

Q: Is Big Hickory Home Watch Insured?

A: Yes! Big Hickory Home Watch is Insured and Bonded. Big Hickory Home Watch is a registered business with the State of Florida and operates out of Estero, Florida.